Our Christmas Light Display

Welcome to Christmas 2022! We took our music from 2018 and rechoreographed almost all of the lighting to take advantage of the new elements like the pixel screen. The Interactive Light Display is back for another year where people can interact with our lights using several different controllers. We will continue to build upon this concept in years to come by adding more lights and ways to interact with them and would love any and all feedback. See below for more details on each new thing in this year’s display.

2022 Show Video

 At long last, here is the 2022 show video!

New Stuff for 2022


Tired of blowing up power supplies, we finally now have fuses in place on all of our power injection lines! If we have any situations where the lights try and draw more power than the supplies can provide, now it is just a 25 cent fuse that needs to be replaced, rather than a 20 dollar power supply. We should have done this years ago but better late than never!

We also made some other general improvements to our wiring, such as adding terminal connectors to the ends of cables, that make setting up the display faster and far less frustrating.

Fighting the Wind

After fighting against the intense Colorado winds with the old banners for the past two years, we said enough is enough and ordered some new ones. These have metal grommets in the corners, inserted through a double layer of vinyl, so hopefully they will hold up much better and the corners won’t tear out like they did on the old banners.

We also took some steps with the interactive display through the creative use of ratchet straps to make the display more resilient to strong winds. It blew down and broke apart twice last year and we really want to avoid that happening again. It has passed the first test from an early December windy day so hopefully we have done enough to avoid any further issues.

More details about these elements are at Traffic Control and Interactive Light Display.


This year’s show is just over 9 minutes long and runs every 10 minutes. When the show is not running, we have some interlude lighting, a brief voice over from Philip, some background music, and a countdown timer running on the pixel screen.

For the show, we play portions of the following songs/quotes:

  • Joy to the World | Steve Morse
  • I Saw Three Ships | Hawk Nelson
  • Let There Be Light | Point of Grace
  • Master of Time | Lindsey Stirling
  • Quote from Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Carol of the Bells (Instrumental) | Everfound
  • O Come All Ye Faithful | Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Carol of the Bells (Instrumental) | Everfound
  • This Is Christmas | Kutless
  • (Interlude) The First Noel | Gary Hoey

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