2019 Light Display

We are excited to share another brand new show for 2019 with you! We have also swapped out the old “beach ball” snowmen with what we hope is a more robust and easier to mange non-inflatable snowmen army.

2019 Show Video

New Stuff for 2019

Everything we developed in 2018 is still in use this year with the exception of changing out the snowmen for a new and improved version.

A New Generation of Snowmen Soldiers

We love our inflatable snowmen but time has not been kind to them. Even with the nifty automated air control system we added last year, the army was just not ready for another tour of duty. It turns out that cheap beach balls ordered from China have a lifespan of approximately 2 months of winter exposure with large temperature swings and high altitude ultraviolet exposure.

Taking their place is a stronger army of snowmen with welded stainless steel skeletons and nylon uniforms. We hope these snowmen will last for many years and they have already proven to be much easier to setup than the old ones. They will look exactly the same regardless of temperature and there are no guy wires to trip up children or dogs that venture too close.

More details about the new army of snowmen are on Snowmen: Attempt #2. For posterity sake, the details of the original snowmen are on LED Snowmen.


This year’s show is 8 minutes and 45 seconds long and runs every 10 minutes. When the show is not running, we have some interlude lighting, a brief voice over from Philip, some background music, and a countdown timer running on the seven-segment displays.

For the show, we play portions of the following songs/quotes:

  • Flight of the Snow Angels | Wizards of Winter
  • Carol of the Bells [Heavy Metal Version Cover] | Orion’s Reign
  • Celtic Carol | Lindsey Stirling
  • What Is Christmas? | Trans-Siberian Orchestra
  • Quote from The Grinch
  • Joy to the World [Symphonic Heavy Metal Version] | Orion’s Reign & Minniva
  • (Outro) Let It Go [Epic Metal Cover] | Connor Engstrom and Anthony Nuccio
  • (Interlude) The First Noel | Gary Hoey