The lights are put away :(

It took longer than we hoped due to some snowy weather, but all of the lights are finally off of the house and stored in the basement. They really don’t take up too much room to store since we can more or less stack the light rails that don’t have C9 bulbs in a pile. The light rails that do have C9 bulbs are more of a pain to store since the bulbs are so ridiculously fragile.

The storage room in our basement, now complete with lots of Christmas lights.

Today, Phil also went outside and caulked all of the holes we drilled in the siding to mount the vertical rails. We’ll have to see how it looks once the caulk dries but some touch up paint is likely to follow.

We’re still working on the epic documentation of our system, thought it’s taking longer than expected to finish due to getting diagrams put together. Hopefully, we will be done in the next week or two and will publish that on this site for others too use as they build their own systems.

Other than that, we are working on our plans for next year and figuring out how we want to add to the system to make our show bigger and better. We will keep updating here as we make decisions and start work on next year.