Making Progress (on lights, not so much the blogging)

Quick update: Things are progressing well for this year’s show. We are so far ahead of where we were last year and have been able to work on things at a leisurely pace. Here is the list of things we’re working on to add to our show this year:

  • Refactoring the window wash lights to use LED strips mounted near the window rather than a single par can across the room. This will allow us to actually use these rooms in our house without risking washing out the effects with the room lights. We also have the ability to do more multi-color effects since we will have individually controllable pixels making up the wash.
  • LED snowmen to line the street and/or driveway. We are still working through the exact logistics of how to make these both awesome and inexpensive but nominally are using white beach balls illuminated by LED strips. We will be able to control individually each segment of each snowman.
  • Adding four 7 segment displays to the garage door. Full pixel screens are expensive, so we are starting off with just some simpler 7 segment displays that will allow us to do time countdowns, display the year, etc. The only reasonable place to mount these is on our garage door, which has interesting implications since we need the door to remain functional. We are working on assembling the displays and will soon be testing out the wiring harness setup that will allow everything to move along with the door

We haven’t started programming the new show yet (it’s going to be a completely new show from last year) but hopefully we can get going on it soon…though we do have to figure out music first. More to come as we make progress!


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