Lights around the Neighborhood

As lovers of Christmas lights, we spent a lot of time driving around various areas trying to find the best automated displays, static displays, and overall festive neighborhoods. The following is the best of what we have found. We will aim to keep this page up-to-date over the years to be an accurate collection of the best Christmas lights in the Denver area.


These are our favorites close to home right here in Broomfield.

5061 Yates Circle, Broomfield (Animated)

This is our house! High energy rocking Christmas music with a ~10 minute sequenced light show. 2000+ individually controllable LED pixels on the house and in the yard elements (including an army of snowmen!). We also now have a separate interactive display where you can use a guitar, drums, and a steering wheel to interact with 1000 lights.
Audio: FM radio and speakers

4872 W 123rd Place, Broomfield (Animated)

One neighborhood south of our house. 15 or so songs on repeat with 100+ channels of traditional white Christmas lights sequenced to the music. Also features singing Christmas trees.
Audio: FM radio

3510 W 130th Place, Broomfield (Animated)

About a mile east of our house on the other side of Lowell. Features both traditional controlled lights and pixel lighting, as well as many unique lighting elements in the yard and on the house. The sequencing is well done and nicely compliments the music.
Audio: FM radio

16573 Prospect Lane, Broomfield (Animated)

Located a few miles north of our house in the Anthem section of Broomfield, this house boasts an impressive 23,000+ pixels across the house, numerous props, and a large megatree. They have a 25 minute show that alternates each night and more details can be found on their Facebook page ( As a bonus, there is another house just down the street that also does a pixel-based light show and a third house (16719 Cathedral Way) is only about a mile away, making for a fun (and efficient) evening of Christmas light awesomeness!
Audio: FM radio

4810 W 127th Place, Broomfield (Animated)

Just east of our house on the other side of Midway. 10 or so songs on repeat with 64 channels of traditional white and colored Christmas lights sequenced to the music. There is also a button box so visitors can select which song they want to see/hear.
Audio: FM radio and speakers

Shadow Canyon Trail and Rabbit Mountain Road (Neighborhood)

1 mile north of our house in the Red Leaf neighborhood. A bunch of houses all together with nice decorations and lots of lights. There is something magical when everyone in an area participates in Christmas lights and fills the street with holiday cheer in every direction. The Red Leaf neighborhood in general seems to have a lot of people who have gone above and beyond with Christmas lights.

Denver Metro

And these are our favorites around the rest of the Denver Metro area.

3402 Trenton St., Denver (Animated)

Our favorite other house in the Denver area! Pixel lighting all over the house plus 2 megatrees, leaping light arches, singing Christmas trees, and a pixel screen. They even have a parking lot directly across the street, which makes an excellent place to park and watch the 30 minutes of songs. Well worth the drive from anywhere in the Denver area.
Audio: FM radio

8954 West 78th Circle, Arvada (Static)

Literally every possible inch of this house is covered with LED snowflakes and is a sight to behold. It is extraordinarily bright and worth a stop if you are nearby.

13970 W 89th Loop, Arvada (Animated)

This house is, without a doubt, the brightest in town. They have approximately 20,000 (!!!) LED pixels incorporated into 1 giant megatree and 6 pixel screens on the house. For reference, that is almost 10x more pixels than we use in our light show and I cannot overstate how bright this house is. In fact, you can see it flashing in the distance from Simms Street on the North side of Standley Lake, which is several miles away. The house is worth a visit because there is nothing else that we have found in town with that many pixels and that shines so brightly.

11407 W 103rd Ave, Westminster (Animated)

UPDATE: Due to health concerns, this house is not doing a show for 2022. We hope they will be back up and running again in 2023!

This house has a pixel megatree and some pixel screens, and they seem to add new lighting elements every year. For 2020, the music seems to be very dubstep/dance themed and the new snowflakes hanging off the side of the house are a nice addition. (
Audio: FM radio

12804 North Lake Dr, Thornton and 2557 E 131st Ave, Thornton (Animated)

The house on North Lake Drive ( is a popular pixel-illuminated house that can be seen from Midway/128th. This house has a singing Santa, Frosty the Snowman, and Grinch. One cool thing that this house offers is the ability to pick the playlist from about 20-30 animated songs.

About a mile away, the 131st Ave house features a lot of nice lighting elements, including a megatree, some pixel screens in the upstairs windows, and a candy cane dispenser. Their show is well put together and consists of short songs with humorous interlude dialog between two Christmas trees
Audio: FM radio

Pixel Lighting List

The following is a list of all houses in the Denver Metro area we have encountered that use some form of RGB pixel lighting (as opposed to just controlling traditional light strings). If you know of others, please let us know on the Contact Us page so we can check them out and add them!