Other Projects

This page is a place to capture the other miscellaneous projects we have worked on, whether related to Christmas lights or not. All code and other details are available on Github and are open source.

Sunrise Wakeup Light

This is a Raspberry Pi-based Python microservice that serves as a wakeup light in our bedroom. It drives an LED pixel strip that goes through a sunrise sequence in the morning to slowly fill the room with light. There is also an Android app for interacting with the wakeup light RESTfully.


Arduino Wakeup Light

This was the first iteration of the wakeup light. It used an arduino, an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, and drove an LED RGB stage light using DMX. There is also an Android app for interacting with the wakeup light over a socket connection.


ESP8266 E1.31 over Wi-Fi to DMX

We used three of these modules in 2016 to control three RGB LED stage lights for backlighting our front windows for our Christmas light show.


Arduino Relay Controller

We created this simple script for an Arduino to drive a set of relays for controlling Christmas lights.


ESP8266 Air Control System

We created this ESP8266-based system to keep the inflatable snowmen inflated throughout the day and night and let us tweak the frequency of air pulses even if we are not at home.


Python Countdown Generator for Vixen

This is a python script for generating a Vixen sequence file containing a countdown rendered on a seven-segment display. This is much faster and less tedious than generating the sequence manually and we could not find any built-in effects for Vixen that could handle the seven-segment display.