Advertising the Show

Advertising for our light show is primarily via several holiday light websites/lists. Some of these are self-service and we can upload our own description and photos. Others are more intentionally curated and the creators reached out asking to include our show because of the quality/longevity of our light display. We have also benefitted greatly by getting some local news coverage, which we had no part in initiating (reporter showed up at our front door and asked to interview us about our light show).

To thank our neighbors for putting up with our light show and the increased traffic it brings, we typically will host a lighting kick-off party the weekend after Thanksgiving and invite the whole neighborhood (by going door-to-door with an invite flyer) to join us. We have cookies and cocoa and cider on a table at the bottom of the driveway and it is a great way to build a little community spirit and thank people for their patience. Beyond that, people telling their friends to come check out our display is also very important and we are very grateful to everyone who helps get the word out.

The only other “advertising” we do is our Traffic Control banners that are around the house and out at the entrance to the neighborhood. While their primary purpose is to remind people to use common decency when coming to see our show, we are sure they do help grab the attention of people driving by.

Here is the list of websites we use to advertise our show in the Denver area: