Our Story

The 2021 light show is live and running every night! Come check out our new show and also take some time to play with our brand new (and highly experimental) interactive light display. Shows run every night from 5pm to 10pm through New Year’s Eve. Tune to 91.3FM to listen on your car radio or come hang out on the sidewalk and listen on our outdoor speakers. There’s a good chance we might be sitting outside on the sidewalk with our kids watching the show ourselves so come say hello if you see us there.

As always, feel free to Contact Us with any questions, suggestions, or advice for starting your own awesome light show!

Like us on Facebook at facebook.com/BroomfieldLights 


We are Philip and Rose, a couple of engineers with a love of travel, puppies, architecture, and lighting. We live in Broomfield, CO with our toddler and two dogs. In 2015, we began our Christmas lights adventure and have not looked back since!

Here’s our 2020 show video. You can find videos from all of our previous years on YouTube (links and an embedded version are available here). If you like what you see, consider helping us share the joy of Christmas with others.

If you liked our show, consider taking a trip down to Stapleton to 3402 Trenton St., Denver. This is our favorite other light show in the Denver area and features lots of cool pixel lighting sequenced to about 30 minutes of music. For other cool displays in Broomfield and beyond, check out our Lights around the Neighborhood page.

We hope you will find this site enjoyable, informative, and perhaps even inspiring. Please take what you learn here and share it with others. The biggest compliment you could pay us for the work we have put in is to go make a cool lighting display of your own and share it with the world.

And, because lawyers exist, here is a disclaimer. Everything we have written on this website is based on our own experiences. We have not intentionally lied or misled about anything and, as far as we have seen, cool Christmas lighting can be a safe and fun hobby. That said, your life is your own responsibility. Please, please, please be careful when working with electricity and ladders and drill bits and sharp metal and soldering irons and all the other potentially hazardous aspects of this adventure. If you don’t know how to do something, get help from someone who does. We take no responsibility for your outcomes or safety based on you following what we have written here.

Okay, that’s out of the way. Let’s go have fun with Christmas lights! For the highlights of what is new this year, check out Our Christmas Light Display. For more detail than you thought possible about how we built all of this, check out How It All Works

11 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your holiday display with all of us!! Our family has enjoyed it very much and my husband and I have discovered a new holiday goal to work towards! Happy Holidays to you, from us!


  2. Thank you for making our Christmas more joyful. My family and I enjoyed watching your light display. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  3. I love how more people are getting into putting on elaborate light displays come Christmas. From what I know, this tradition of lighting up the dark days of winter dates back hundreds of years (perhaps even longer). I enjoy watching these beautiful displays and the little extra touches that distinguish one display from another.


  4. Hi, we love your light show. Sadly this year (2019), the radio station is very unclear. The signal is mostly static . The lights are still awesome, but less impressive when the music is so much static.


    1. Sorry it wasn’t sounding clear. There are a few spots where the signal doesn’t reach as well due to obstructions but usually moving forward or back a few feet will get you clear audio again.


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